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You might also enjoy a talk I had on The Astrology Podcast about Saturn and . February 17th – Saturn departs from the 3° range of Pluto . easier time of this transit, because these signs are sextile or trine Capricorn.
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Scorpio 24 October — 22 November Your ruling planet, Mars, is back up to speed and retracing its steps where it was in the zodiac from mid-May to early June The Sun remains here until September 23rd. This involves a significant person in your life, either a personal or professional partnership. This is particularly significant in September because this is when the Sun is moving through Virgo and your opposite star sign….

Read more. Aries 21 March — 19 April Your ruling planet Mars is back to direct motion but first it needs to return to old business. This is because Mars is now retracing its steps through the last degrees of Capricorn and moves into Aquarius on the 11th. Gemini 21 May — 21 June Your ruling planet Mercury is moving swiftly through the zodiac. In a great deal you win — not the other side. You crush the opponent and come away with something better for yourself.

But the very decline in this Popularity tells us that People are Noticing and Learning. Many will Learn that their Arrogance is just Ego, not Superiority, and begin looking for Alternatives. So we can Expect intellectual Arrogance or Facility here, from ourself and from others. While the Antichrist may or may not see this Rebirth of Boundaries between Truth and Lies , many others have been, and will yet. But this is Juno-Sedna — bringing Fear into Consciousness.

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So Tap It Out. Even if its True, you need to be Neutral about it so you can have a cool head when Strategizing your Defenses. With everyone else occupied by the Chaos in their own Lives, no one will be watching us…. That dude who keeps standing up in front of the camera is only following instructions from your mother. This Grand Trine makes two Kites. Ixion represents our Ability to break the Cultural Mold. Our Willingness to do so depends on our Temerity — and perhaps our Arrogance. But the indication is that this Grand Trine may bend our Values in such a way that we Trust our own Genius more.

In the case of a Grand Sextile, the Fruits are even better than a Grand Trine, because we get to participate fully, and our Actions are likely to Succeed because so many Energies are Collaborating with each other. The Fixed Star Alphard also sits at 28 Leo.

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Fortunately, we know how to turn that around. First we get Conscious of our Fear about that. We may not be ready for that. But what we always will get is an Illustration of the Impediments that stand between us and What We Want. Getting those up into Consciousness where we can work with them is three fourths of the Challenge of Learning to Manifest as if we had a natal Grand Trine and Empathy besides!

On the other hand, three of the Kites focus on planets in Air Signs. Co-Creativity, in other words. For an Almost-Grand-Sextile, we have two assignments — supply the Initiatory Energy for each of the five Sextiles, and also supply the Missing Energy that will complete the Grand Sextile and remove impediments to Flow. The Angle from one planet to another determines how their Energies are Relating to one another. Personalizing a Trine — thinking the Ease is a result of our own special heroism — creates insufferable Arrogance. The Sextile is more subtle.

Break out the Champagne! So Action is implied as our strategy most likely to be successful. That means Brave and Brash. The six points on the Star represent the six Energies that will Dance hand in hand on 10 February…. While a Full Moon does its work by Illuminating what was hidden, an Eclipse does its work by making absent what was there all along but not differentiated.

If all you see is a Forest, then they log half the Trees, suddenly you see, through their absence, that there were Trees there too, not just a Forest.

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So a Penumbral Eclipse does double duty. The Full Moon is almost as bright as usual, illuminating what we need to see to make our next jump in Growth of Consciousness. Haumea is also only a few Degrees south of Arcturus in Declination. Lilith is particularly associated with Female Self-Sovereignty, highlighting the Challenges presented by Misogynist politics.

Start by Breathing. But nothing in the heap needs that human at the top. Ye humans are the most expendable of all — yet ye all think yer indispensable! Although uncommon in the Patriarchal Age, this sort of consciousness is sometimes experiened in mystical states or with the aid of psychedelic drugs.

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Within the gestative system [Matriarchy], movement was contained and cyclic. The metaphor for progress was natural, vegetative proliferation and succession of seasons. Phases succeeded one another in a repeating pattern, like a circle, or like the snake biting its tail. Progress is pictured as ascent achieved through competition and mastery. It is beyond my capacity to picture concretely such a world based on exertive-world principles of egalitarian networks, contextual transformation, and holistic transcendence.

In general, Angles between planets that are less than three Degrees apart can be considered to have a strong impact on the Present Moment. Angles between planets that are less than eight Degrees apart will have less effect on the Present Moment, but will have profound impact on any project or Entity or Identity that is born at the time.

The average Muggle might be hard-pressed to detect one Degree of Orb, while a Sensitive person could feel the impact of eight or ten Degrees even in the Present Moment. Because we use many more planets, asteroids, dwarfs, and Centaurs than traditional astrology, for birth charts we try to keep our Attention directed toward Angles that are less than five Degrees apart.

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Because we expect most of our readers to be Sensitive to Energy, we often use five degrees for Present-Moment charts as well. Exceptions arise when Angles adjoin one another. But Ceres sits at 16 Degrees, three Degrees on the other side of the Eclipse. To be thorough, we should do both, that is, read all three. Haumea is very Conjunct Lilith, but at 24 Degrees. Duality does happen to be a signal property of the Observing Human mind, however, so we interpret Fate as a philosophical issue, not an Existential issue.

The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

How handy. The combination means that…. And while New Moons are generally considered to impact the following two to four weeks, Eclipses are usually given a longer span of influence, often nine months.

Her reading for this Eclipse mirrors ours, but of course as always adding much of note…. The nature of a Sextile is Grace, as long as we provide the initial impetus to kickstart the process. We may even be able to kickstart one of the Sextiles and watch it activate the other five! Pluto represents that which Cannot Be Ignored.

We need to ride this River downstream. Ask your doctor if Climate Change Denial is good for you, it should say. Ask your doctor if Globalization is good for you. Ask your doctor if Glyphosate-saturated, mineral-deficient food-like substances are good for you. If Death occurs, tell your doctor immediately and discontinue use.

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We still have quite a bit of material left in this Eclipse chart that keeps on Giving — to be continued! So the Grand Cross is the ultimate in perpetual Motivation. Most Grand Cross people are Superachievers. You may have had to work your butt off at it, but to them it was as natural as Breathing. They say he knows as much about rocket science as the experienced engineers he hires. The represent prenatal Alignments in your Psyche that makes Life easier.

Not Work, but Love.